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review: “love the way you love” June 22, 2009

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Love The Way You Love by Jamie S. Rich & Marc Ellerby.
Vol 1.: Oni Press // Paperback // 200 pages.
Vol 2.: Oni Press // Paperback // 200 pages.
Reviewed from library copies.

Back after a much needed break, Tristan and his band are trying to take off and they manage to catch the eye of a record label agent, Marcus. But Tristan has got his mind on the mysterious girl from the airport who shows up again at the show. The only problem is that Isobel’s engaged to Marcus. A chance meeting, star-crossed lovers, and a killer soundtrack…can Tristan and Isobel manage to be together?

I used to read a lot more graphic novels when I was in college, but fell out of the practice as of late. I’ve only read a few stand-alones in the past two years, but they’ve been among some of my favorite books. This series was originally published in six short volumes and has been compiled in these two volumes (original volumes 1-3 in Side A, “Songs of Faith” and original volumes 4-6 in Side B, “Songs of Devotion”).

I really liked this set of graphic novels! This largely an updated version of the Tristan and Isolde legend, which is what drew me to them because of my classic literature background. A lot of originality, such as the songs listed in the panels — which I wish I had been able to listen to while reading. The drawings aren’t like your typical manga style, more reminiscent of Futurama and the Simpsons. This actually endeared the characters to me; making them seem all the more flawed.

Most of the supporting characters had storylines and face-time of their own and I really liked that decision. Anyone who knows the story of Tristan and Isolde will know the ending before it happens. However, I was pleased with the treatment of the ending in these novels.

A great, quick two volume-er. I would definitely give this to teens who claim they “aren’t into graphic novels.” I think it would quickly change their minds!

Amazon — Vol. 1
Amazon — Vol. 2
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