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babysitters club week! November 11, 2009

Posted by Katie in community.


Hi, and welcome to my portion of BSC Week. Amy of My Friend Amy mentioned on Twitter about how she’d like to host a BSC week and I literally jumped at the chance. I offered to do anything and everything. The BSC was my life as kid. We’re talking I was an actual BSC fan club member. Totally owned this board game. Might have made my own Kid Kits. (Okay, I did.) Memorized all the words to each and every one of these songs.

But as much as the BSC had an influence on my life, Stacey McGill had a larger one. I have a couple of theories on why I loved Stacey so much. One, we both had super long given names that we hated (Anastasia for her and Kathryn for me). Two, we both loved Mary Poppins. Three, we were both girls from the big city (NYC for her and Chicago for me).

My favorite Stacey book was honestly from the Portrait Collection. I loved getting pure NYC memories of Stacey. And it’s probably what led me to my obsession with the city.

I convinced my sister to go upstairs and unearth my BSC books so that I could re-read “Stacey’s Book” for this week.

(Thanks, Laura!)

As I was reading the book, I was shocked at how much I remembered. I was also shocked by how many things we had in common. Love for Eloise and Cinderella, dread at the thought of ballroom dancing, fear of snakes, loving every inch of NYC, always being the tour-guide friend — never able to stop narrations while out walking, even our handwriting!

(I don’t do hearts, but I do circles over my Is. Yes, I have very cutesy handwriting. Yes, that’s my to-do list for this week.)

My conclusions for this fun-filled re-read? I loved Stacey because I wanted so badly to be sophisticated as a kid, because these books came at a time when I felt so awkward and not the least bit cool. I was more like a cross between Mary Anne and Mallory, honestly.

Stacey gave me an escape, and she gave me some dreams to hold onto through those awkward years. And I did make it through them, in one piece. (And I did eventually make it to NYC, too!)