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review: “wish” March 22, 2010

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Wish by Alexandra Bullen.
Point // Hardcover // 336 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Olivia has just lost her best friend in the whole world — her twin sister, Violet. And now her parents have moved the family to San Francisco, and Olivia has no idea how she’s going to cope without her sister. But then Olivia stumbles across a magical dress shop and maker, one that will give her three wishes. And Olivia’s first wish is to bring her sister back to her…

This is a light read, with not a ton of substance to it. The storyline had a lot of potential, but I felt like it fell flat. I wanted to know more about the magic, and about Posey. And while I was interested in what happened to Olivia, it wasn’t my priority. I had trouble connecting to Olivia, and I had a lot of trouble with her accepting her sister being returned to her. If that were me, I’d be very freaked out if my sister’s ghost showed up.

That being said, the novel wasn’t a complete waste. I was very interested in the magic dresses. I really appreciated the feel of the setting and the accurate portrayal of San Francisco. I also really felt like this novel was a blend of realistic fiction and fairy tales sensibilities. It wasn’t a true fairy tale, and there was no classic retelling in this novel — but I did think that the treatment of the fairy tale elements (rules of three, etc.) were well executed.

A quick, light read — not really appropriate for younger teens, but I think the book will have trouble holding the attention of older teens. Will definitely work better with a hand-sell rather than just a cover blurb.

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