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review: “deadly little lies” March 7, 2010

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Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz.
Hyperion // Hardcover // 304 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

[Spoilers for Book One — Deadly Little Secret.]

Camelia and Ben have parted ways, and Camelia is heartbroken. Trying to remain close to him, she’s been studying psychometry — Ben’s psychic gift that allowed him to save her from a stalker last fall. But it appears that Camelia isn’t out of danger yet — she soon begins receiving cryptic notes and living through truly spooky situations. And while Camelia wishes she had Ben around, she starts to suspect if Ben might be behind all this when he comes back into her life.

I’m going to be utterly honest here — this novel was basically a slightly tweaked version of book one in the series. Camelia was in danger, she didn’t know who to trust, she didn’t try to get help from anyone, and she made a lot of the same mistakes.

I was so disappointed that the story didn’t move further. I feel like a lot of pressure is placed on authors to turn around one book per series per year. (You can see this in Alyson Noel’s “Immortals” series — the faster she had to write the books, the worse they keep getting.) And I feel like the “Deadly Little” series is suffering from the same kind of issues.

Camelia doesn’t strike me as a very strong heroine, and it really bothered me that she didn’t make any changes when it appeared that she was once again being stalked.

I still think that Ben and Camelia have a better relationship than other paranormal romances, but the series is seriously losing steam for me — and it’s only book two.

I’ll be reading the third book, but I might be throwing in the towel if it doesn’t improve.

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