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review: “fallen” February 16, 2010

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Fallen by Lauren Kate.
Delacorte Books for Young Readers // ARC // 464 pages.
Reviewed from an ARC, provided by publisher.

Luce might be going crazy. She sees shadows and is starting to believe that they were the cause of the fire that killed her boyfriend. So, her parents ship her off to boarding school where she meets Daniel Grigori and her life changes forever. To add to the crazy, Luce is convinced that she knows Daniel — even though he assures her that they’ve never met. Drawn to him for some unseen reason, Luce is determined to be with Daniel no matter what.

If you’re ready for another YA paranormal with undying love — this is the book for you. But if you’re feeling burnt out on mystical love and unusual circumstances — I’d skip “Fallen.”

The book has an interesting premise that suffers from the long, drawn-out set-up. And just when things start to move, we launch into a whirlwind ending that leaves more questions than answers. As I closed the book I was equally torn between immediately wanting the sequel or throwing the book across the room.

However, I will be reading the sequel. Why?

1. I felt like Luce was more tolerable than other female leads in this situation. She wasn’t a particularly strong character, but I was willing to give her more slack given that her boyfriend just died in a fire that she was involved in. That’s enough to rock any teen into being a more meek version of themselves.

2. There was a reason that Daniel and Luce experienced an immediate deja-vu connection. (It will probably be obvious to adult readers, but teens might miss it.) And it had nothing to do with the scent of Luce’s blood.

3. The mythology of the world/book is intriguing and I can see that Lauren Kate did a lot of research into it.

4. The writing and atmosphere of the book were enough to save the plot holes for me.

So, yes, I purchased it for my library (and recommend it for public libraries with large paranormal followings). My teens are trading it back and forth — it’s a hit for them. But adult readers beware — it’s not my favorite paranormal romance.

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1. Natalie - February 16, 2010

I’m pretty sure I have this one checked out at the moment, but I haven’t been dying to read it because of similar reviews. I do feel a bit burnt out by the paranormal romances – and the growing page counts. Thanks for the honest review.

2. Lauren (I Was A Teenage Book Geek) - February 17, 2010

I liked this a little more than you (okay, I pretty much loved it!) but I do really agree on many points – good atmosphere, the connection made sense, and Luce wasn’t annoying like many equivalent characters in similar YA titles. It’s definitely left me desperate for the sequel, although I’d have preferred slightly more answers at this point. Great review!

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