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poc reading challenge. February 1, 2010

Posted by Katie in community.

One of the best things, in my opinion, that you can do in response to the whitewashing problems we’ve seen in YA fiction is by joining this challenge. I am very excited about this challenge and I encourage you to join it. There’s several levels of participation to join at — I’m choosing Level 5, which will challenge me to read 16-25 books that feature people of color or books that are written by people of color.

I won’t be listing my books ahead of time because I’m a grazer — I like to pick and choose my books as I go along.

This isn’t really a challenge in the traditional sense for me — this is a commitment. I am promising myself (and the blogging community) that I have realized the problem and that I’m committed to working towards changing it.



1. Lauren (I Was A Teenage Book Geek) - February 2, 2010

Oh, I’m glad you’re doing this – I can copy some of your book choices! And I agree, this is a commitment rather than a traditional ‘challenge’ for me too. Looking forward to your reviews.

2. Pam - February 13, 2010

So glad you joined!

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