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bloggiesta: mini-challenge post! January 9, 2010

Posted by Katie in community.

Here’s where I’ll be keeping track of the mini-challenges I’ve completed throughout the weekend!

Flashback Mini-Challenges

  • Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog inspired us all to clean out our feed readers. It took me nearly an hour!
  • Beth from Beth Fish Reads prompted us to write either a list or opinion post — I’ve chosen to save my list of the top fifteen influential books in my childhood/YA reading for a rainy day, but keep an eye out for it eventually.
  • Jill from Fizzy Thoughts had me trying to find ten blogs I had never seen before to comment on! Tons of fun.
  • Emily from Emily’s Reading Room taught me to set up Google Alerts for my blog title and URL.
  • Deborah from Books, Movies, and Chinese Food encouraged us to create an elevator pitch about our blog. 100-150 words. Mine was “Rock-star young adult librarian blogging about young adult books. Expect book reviews, library musings, and special features at Read What You Know.”
  • Lynn from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile gave us some great links to get listed at blog directories. I was already listed at three of them and applied for a couple more.
  • Jen from Devourer of Books reminded us to make sure our top posts and pages were typo-free. (I caught five typos in mine…embarrassing much!)
  • Amy from My Friend Amy reminded us to get some blogging buddies to help us out!
  • Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Reading? showed me how to get both a Gravatar and Favicon. And provided instructions for WordPress, YAY!
  • Michelle from Galleysmith enlightened us all by telling us about proper anchor tags for links. Please click this link — it’s so important for blog rankings!
  • Drea from Book Blather asked us to read five blog tip articles. I have a lot to work on — but most particularly, I’m going to try and respond to comments on my own blog more often.
  • Ruth from Bookish Ruth gave us a NEAT tool to help grade our blogs. My blog wound up getting a 89% and I’m now trying to find out if I can add metadata on a WordPress.com blog. I have instructions for WordPress.org, but not WordPress.com.

And I’ll be coming back tomorrow to work on the other challenges for this go-around at Bloggiesta. Going to go update the “Day One” post before heading off to bed!

And day two!

2010 Mini-Challenges

  • Rebecca from The Book Lady’s Blog asked us this time around to make a list of 2010 goals. This was already on my Bloggiesta to-do list, so it was a great challenge for me. My goals are as follows:
    1. I want to post reviews more timely. I’m constantly struggling with a backlog of reviews. (I’ve still got books from OCTOBER to review.)
    2. Part of what I wanted to blog about where the library aspects in my life — connecting teens with YA books. Haven’t done much of this and would definitely like to change it.
    3. I work in a 75% Latino community. I constantly struggle to find Hispanic YA books. My teens mostly read paranormal romance, so that’s what I mostly read. I want to discover at least ten Hispanic authors — review them on the blog, add them to my library’s collection, and booktalk them.
    4. I want to comment more on my own blog to create a dialogue here.
    5. I really, really want to come up with another kind of feature. I like “Where I Read” and I liked the Sweet Valley High discussion between Mandy and me, but I want to create a more regularly scheduled feature and invite others to play. I have no ideas how to accomplish this or what I want to do.
    6. Continue using book-related community networks (like GoodReads, LibraryThing) and community events (BBAW, Bloggiesta, etc) to keep inspired and motivated!
  • Pam from MotherReader has an amazing Comment Challenge to participate in starting this weekend and going until January 21st. I’ve already found eight new blogs to add to the feed reader. I may have to re-clean the feed reader after today!
  • Danielle from There’s a Book gave us permission to make a cheat sheet to make blogging easier. I now have a beautiful Google Doc with my review template in it. It’ll come in handy tonight where I get all my reviews ready to write!
  • Pam from Bookalicious explained about how to create copyright notifications for blogs. Unfortunately WordPress.com is super limited about what you can do, so I had to do a bit of tweaking — got a Creative Commons License and signed up for a free service to help me find out if my content is reposted elsewhere. Other WordPress.com users can find a very helpful blog post at Lorelle on WordPress.
  • Beth from Beth Fish Reads asked us to clean up our tags and labels. This was such a long challenge to complete, but one that I sorely needed to complete. I am so happy about how things look now and feel like I really accomplished A LOT.
  • Jackie from Farm Lane Books showed up how to back up our blogs! It literally took me ten seconds, so I have no excuse for not doing this more regularly!
  • Karin from Karin’s Book Nook hosted a mini-challenge about cleaning out dead links. I used the W3C Link Checker and found no dead links! Yay me!
  • Chelle from Tempting Persephone has a great mini-challenge to allow you to highlight some of your favorite blog posts. You can now find three of my favorites in the sidebar!
  • Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century co-hosted a challenge with Kate from The Neverending Shelf about their newest group, The Bloggie Cult. I joined and left a post about Twitter widgets — my favorite widgets!
  • Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves asked up to expand on our last five posts into five new ideas for blog posts. Here are mine:
    • In My Mailbox – A monthly feature based on the new release book I’m looking forward to most.
    • Bloggiesta Mini-Challenges – Hosting my own challenge.
    • Where I Read – As much as I love taking pictures of reading in awesome places, I should take some pictures of me reading in the more normal places.
    • Classic Reviews – Write/find few more of these.
    • Review – I mentioned thinking that teens would enjoy the book more which got me thinking about having actual teen reactions on my blog. After I booktalk my reviews (which I do), get a couple of quotes from my actual teen readers.

And that’s the ballgame — I’m all done with the mini-challenges for both rounds of Bloggiesta. It’s been such a fun process, but I’m exhausted now! Going to update my Day Two post and then hit the hay. One more day of Bloggiesta fun coming your way tomorrow!


1. trish - January 9, 2010

Your favicon looks great! Good job! Keep up the good work. 🙂

2. the1stdaughter - January 9, 2010

Great job on completing all of those challenges so far! That’s just amazing! I’m so glad I could help out with the cheat sheet, it really is a time saver.

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