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review: “fire study” December 7, 2009

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Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder.
Mira // Paperback // 448 pages.
Reviewed from library copy.

[No major spoilers for the first two books. But if you’re a spoiler purist, I’d skip this one.]

Yelena faces challenges again as she continues to work to discover and control her magic. After the events of the first two books, Yelena is sent to study under First Magician Roze Featherstone — an unwelcome change, considering Roze’s animosity towards Yelena. But when old foes come back to threaten Yelena once again, she journeys back to Ixia to find a solution to a plethora of problems.

This third and final installment in Snyder’s series is a whirlwind of non-stop action. All of my favorite characters from the first two installments were back and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to them.

For me, this book didn’t work as well as the first two in the series. The action is almost too much, and gets a little repetitive with picking rendezvous spots, splitting up/getting back together, the use of Curare/Theobroma, and the mistakes Yelena keeps making.

I feel like what happened with this series is that we were taken into another world (Sitia), when we had fallen in love with Yelena in Ixia. The things I loved about the first book — the politics, the romance, the intrigue — are missing from this magic-based world, and it frustrates me that I didn’t find something to latch onto in Sitia like I had in Ixia.

This book is still an adequate conclusion to the trilogy — the story is tied up, but not closed. I feel like I’ve left the characters at a good point and I won’t worry about them. And I am planning on reading the “Glass” spin-off series, but overall this last installment left me feeling lukewarm.

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