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review: “as you wish” October 29, 2009

Posted by Katie in reviews.


As You Wish by Jackson Pearce.
HarperTeen // Hardcover // 304 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Viola has spent all her energy moping around after her boyfriend broke up with her. All she wants is to be happy again, wishing hard that it happens. Until one day at school, she inadvertently summons a genie from his world to hers. Yep, a genie named Jinn. The whole three wishes, he disappears, she’s happy deal. Jinn didn’t expect his new master to be such a hesitant wisher. And what Viola didn’t expect was to fall for her genie…

This book is a fabulous take on a star-crossed lovers tale. Viola and Jinn are a great balance of romance, comedy, and real teen emotions. I was so happy that they weren’t immediately in love, that it took nearly the whole course of the book for their romance to develop fully. Their attraction and chemistry was apparent from the beginning, though, and it will easily draw readers into their story.

Viola is a flawed teenaged girl, real and relatable. Jinn started off as moody and annoyed and slowly melted into a more interesting and complex character as the novel progressing and we discover more about Jinn’s history and world. The fact that Pearce chose to tell the story in alternating chapters (switching between Viola and Jinn) really allowed me and will allow other readers to connect to the characters.

I loved Lawrence, as Viola’s ex-boyfriend and friend. He was a great supporting character, and I thought that their relationship was complicated and admirable. (I don’t think I could have remained such good friends with an ex while in high school!) Most of the other characters fade into the background, but that was all right with me.

The resolution of the story is neat, but not too neat. Readers will appreciate the loosely-tied ending — there’s no need for a drawn-out “happily ever after” scene here.

Recommended for public libraries. I’ll be purchasing a copy for my teens for sure.

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1. Justine - October 30, 2009

I’ve always wanted to read this. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I’ll read this one for sure.

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