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review: “prada and prejudice” September 10, 2009

Posted by Katie in reviews.


Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard.
Razorbill // Paperback // 270 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Callie’s class trip to England seems to be the stuff of dreams. That is, if the popular crowd would stop bullying Callie and she were actually out and about in the city. Callie comes up with a plan to change all that and it stems on owning a pair of Prada heels. When she trips while wearing the heels, Callie is incredibly surprised to wake up in 1815. Callie is soon taken in by a family, mistaken to be their long-lost friend from America. Soon, Callie finds herself becoming fast friends with Emily, the family’s daughter. They’re both caught up trying to save Emily from a marriage she doesn’t want. It’s up to Callie’s modern day ideals to save the day.

Callie is a funny heroine, her “real world” knowledge and contemporary words getting her into more trouble than she bargained for. She infuriates the lady of the house and Emily’s brother the duke. But readers will see the budding romance behind the scenes if they’re familiar with “Pride and Prejudice.”

The book is funny, too! I definitely wound up getting more than a few looks at I read this book on the train.

The balance between the realism and fantasy in the same book is well done. I didn’t feel overpowered by either the chick lit or fantasy elements. Well-blended. The resolution of the story is good, romantic fun and a nature ending to the book.

I really like the idea of teaching these two books together. A comparison study, a way of making the classics accessible to teens.

Most of the book is light and fluffy, but it’s a welcome break after reading such a serious topic (“The Chosen One” by Carol Lynch Williams was what I read right before this book). A perfect summer beach read, I will definitely be ordering it for my library.

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