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review: “luv ya bunches” September 7, 2009

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Luv Ya Bunches by Lauren Myracle.
Amulet // ARC // 352 pages.
Reviewed from an ARC received at ALA Annual Conference 2009.

Katie-Rose, Yasaman, Milla, and Violet are four girls who barely know one another. Each of them has their own obstacles to overcome as a brand-new school year begins. Katie-Rose is determined to become friends with the A-List, Yasaman is working on her very own computer social network, Milla is struggling to fit back into her clique of friends, and Violet is the new girl this year. A chance meeting and a lost turtle sends their worlds crashing into one another. But with the most popular girl at school, Modessa, pulling strings to keep them apart, can the girls ever become friends?

This book is so charming, I was positively thrilled with it. It’s told in a unique way, through instant messages, video scripts, and narratives woven artfully together. Each girl has their own chapters and the story gradually unfolds, with each girl getting her own distinct voice. Lauren Myracle writes with such honesty that I sometimes had to wonder if she had hidden a fifth-grader under her desk while writing.

The fights and friendships are so realistic that they brought back memories of playground battles in fifth grade where a girl wasn’t allowed to play just because she had the wrong kind of sneakers.

I know that this book will be well received by the tween community. And librarians can safely give this to tweens without worrying about sexual content or curse words. (There is one minor incident with a racial slur, so beware of that. If you want more info, email me.)

Personally, I am so excited for this book and so is my fifth-grade cousin. I was lucky enough to snag two ARCs, so that she has her own. (We had an issue last year — my aunt caught her reading “ttyl” which is a tad bit mature for fourth grade.) I am so pleased that amazing YA authors are also turning their attention towards the tween readers.

Think of it as a younger “ttyl,” perfect for the tweens in your lives. Definitely find room for it on your library shelves.

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Lauren Myracle
Luv Ya Bunches (Coming Soon)




1. Lizzy - September 7, 2009

This book sounds like a very cute, fun read. Possibly a good book with some characters who could act as positive role models?

2. noelle - December 28, 2009

i am like violet because i am beautiful and i am a woman of color

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