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review: “strange angels” August 28, 2009

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Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow.
Razorbill // Paperback // 304 pages.
Reviewed from library copy.

Imagine being dragged around the country by your demon-hunting father. Picking up, packing up, and moving at a moment’s notice. Now imagine that the father that’s always protected you has been turned into a zombie — a zombie you were forced to kill to protect yourself. And now you’re on your own.

Welcome to Dru Anderson’s life. At least she’s got the touch (some awesome psychic abilities), a new friend, and a mysterious protector to help her out. Or at least there to make life interesting.

I love YA supernatural/paranormal, I really do. But as more and more of it comes out, I’m getting more and more picky about what I read. This book series has a lot of potential, and I did like certain things about it.

But…I didn’t get why Graves was hanging around, I thought that Dru spent too much time thinking and not enough doing, and I don’t really feel like Christopher was all that love interest-y. And I can’t believe the amount of action in the last third of the book. For me, the pacing was off — there wasn’t enough action in the middle of the book and too much in the end. I feel like the author was trying to quickly end the book and leave a hanging ending for a sequel.

(Which leads me into a side rant of how I hate the trend of the paranormal sequel. Some books can be wrapped up in one! I swear! This is not to say that every YA paranormal/supernatural can be wrapped up in one, but for goodness sake’s, literary world, stop trying to find the new “Twilight!”)

This isn’t a horrible book, by any means. I think Dru’s heritage is an intriguing plot line and I think this first novel will set up for a better novel. At least, I hope so. I’ll still be reading the sequel, and I know teens that will eat this up. But still, not one of my favorite paranormal finds.

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1. Mandy - August 30, 2009

There really IS a lot of paranormal YA fic out there. Thanks for narrowing it down for me a little bit more! This one looks like a girl version of Supernatural (t.v.).

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