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rediscoveries. August 27, 2009

Posted by Katie in shoptalk.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t walk into Borders without walking out with one unplanned purchase. For me, it’s most often a YA novel. Most of these books are immediately read. But every now and again, a book gets shelved without being read.

Today, I was updating my LibraryThing. I have 211 books unread, yet owned. Two hundred…and eleven? I feel wildly unaccomplished.

But…that often leads to rediscoveries for me. Looking on a bookshelf for something else and coming across, well this time, The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart. I remember buying when I started my job as a YA librarian. It was in the featured section of my local Borders. I figured I should get hip and figure out what teens were reading.


Well, I found it again this past week. Shelved behind my old copies of L.J. Smith’s The Dark Powers Trilogy. I have no idea how it ended up there, or how the sequel, The Boy Book wound up in a completely different bookcase from it.

So, the review will be coming up soon. And I expect that I will lose and find many more books to come.



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