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review: “beautiful creatures” August 24, 2009

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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
Little, Brown // ARC // 576 pages.
Reviewed from an ARC, received at ALA Annual Conference 2009.

Ethan Wate is trapped in a town where he doesn’t belong and he’s spent his whole life planning his escape. After a series of weird dreams about a strange girl, Ethan starts school again — only to find his dream girl, Lena Duchannes, in the flesh and a registered student. He is drawn to her immediately, but Lena has secrets — secrets that could change the community of Gatlin and Ethan forever.

(That might be the lamest summary ever, but I’m doing my best not to have any spoilers. There is so much more to this story — I promise!)

It was just happenstance that I managed to snag a copy at ALA this summer. The cover drew me in the very first time I saw it, and it taunted me as it sat in the middle of the to-be-read pile. Well, I wound up jumping the line and picked it up early.

I loved this book. And I knew I would, but I still have to report that I did. I was surprised at how much I loved it though. The writing was spot-on, it completely painted a picture of Gatlin for me. I could see the houses they lived in, I could imagine the winding roads, the gothic descriptions of Lena’s house.

The characters were refreshing, unique, and well-developed. I can’t wait to introduce my teens to these characters. I loved the family involvement in the story too. I always find it funny that YA books tend to ignore parents and family…when I was a teen, my parents were definitely around.

I’ve almost reached my review length and I haven’t even mentioned some of my favorite things. So, we’ll do this quickly: Link. Lena’s necklace. Flashbacks. Librarians and libraries. History. Mythology. Haunting songs. Lena’s house. Ethan’s voice. Ethan/Lena. The promise that there is a sequel being worked on.

Add it to your holiday lists — release date is December 1st. But just try not to buy it early.

SWAN Catalog
Beautiful Creatures Official Website
Kami Garcia
Margaret Stohl




1. Kami Garcia - August 25, 2009

Thanks so much for this amazing review. Librarians really are revered by Margie and I, so reviews from librarians carry a lot of weight with us. xxxx

2. Lauren (I Was A Teenage Book Geek) - November 15, 2009

Sounds amazing! I absolutely love books that paint a picture so vivid you can actually see everything in your head. Also, I love the idea that Ethan dreams about Lena before he meets her. Very mysterious.

Okay, so I just got all excited about this one and went to my favourite online store to discover that the UK release seems to be *February*. What do you think my chances are of relocating to the US before December 1st?!

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