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classic review: “the disreputable history of frankie landau-banks” August 12, 2009

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[Classic reviews are reviews that I’ve already written for another source and have moved the text here. I may comment further on them as well.]


The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.
Hyperion // Hardcover // 352 pages.
Reviewed from library copy.

Frankie Landau-Banks is getting ready for another year at boarding school. Last year she coasted by without doing anything. This year will be different. After discovering that her new boyfriend Matthew is in charge of a boys-only secret society, Frankie vows to secretly infiltrate it at any and all costs.

This book is full of adventure and sneakiness and Frankie is an amazing character that will hook readers from the start. I really liked waiting to see how everything would tie up together and I definitely couldn’t wait to see if the secret society would catch on to Frankie! A little book of romance added in and I was sold. Great read for middle teens. [April 2009]

I was so pleased when I found out this book was one of the Printz Honor Books for 2009. I was even more pleased when I had the pleasure of attending E. Lockhart’s acceptance speech (and, of course, all the other winners). This book is a challenging read, and I know that teenagers welcome it. They can’t stand to be talked down to. And I am so pleased that YA authors realize this and write books like this one.

It sounds ridiculous to say, but I felt almost privileged to read this book. (And similarly “Jellicoe Road, too. But that’s another review.) So well crafted, Frankie’s voice will draw you in immediately and refuse to let go until you’ve heard her story. And I love that E. Lockhart doesn’t mind when readers call Frankie a psychotic. (Because she kind of is.)

A great narrator tells a great story. What more could you ask for?

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