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ala wrap-up 2. July 16, 2009

Posted by Katie in shoptalk.

Day two!

But before that, I forgot that at the end of the day of Saturday, I met Lauren Myracle and we talked about boobs. Yep, read “Peace, Love, Baby Ducks” if you don’t know why. But she signed my ARC of “Luv Ya Bunches” and gave me a flower to boot. After I got home on Sunday, I showed my eleven year old cousin Briana (whom I bought Lauren’s book “Eleven” for this year on Briana’s birthday) who proclaimed librarians and this conference the “coolest thing in the entire world, omg!” I think I might make a librarian out of her yet. Mwahaha.


Sunday, I started off my morning at the Young Adult Author Coffee Klatch. Basically, it’s like author speed dating. Librarians and other guests sit at numbered tables and the authors rotate around them. I met the following authors: Richard Peck, Jeri Smith-Ready, Stephanie Kuehnert, Lisa Schroeder, Lisa McMann, Lorie Ann Grover, S.L. Rottman, Libba Bray, and Christopher Myers.

Whew. Basically, every author only got five minutes to sit with us and a lot of them had to introduce themselves to the librarians and guests. (I did research and had a cheat sheet under the table if I needed it. Yes, I am a geek.) So, I didn’t really get to say some of the things that I wanted to.

Like to Lisa Schroeder — I wanted to tell her that I have a teen who loves her books so much that she hides them in the library so that she can always find them. I know where it is and I call it “C’s Cubby.” I wanted to tell her that this teen has been a part of my Teen Book Club since I started, but that she never finished a book until “I Heart You, You Haunt Me.”

And to Stephanie Kuehnert — I loved “I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone” and could really see the book’s setting. I grew up in one of the towns nearby and it was the neatest thing in the world to see my world come alive in a book. Even cooler than the fact that Henry from “The Time Traveler’s Wife” got his library degree from the school where I got my library degree. And that’s pretty cool.

And to Libba Bray — “The Sweet Far Thing” wrecked me for days and I spent a lot of my time trying to understand the ending. Well, come to terms with the ending. But! Using Stephen Sondheim in the blog explaining why a certain character didn’t make it through the book was unacceptable! You cannot justify killing something I love by quoting something I love! It creates some kind of minor explosive in my world. (And ps – I have come to terms with it, almost appreciate it, and cannot wait to read “Going Bovine,” you amazing, amazing writer.)

SO. Those are just some of the stories that I wanted to tell. Additionally, I tend to get a little bit clamshell-ed up if I don’t rehearse my speech prior to. (Like I did Saturday night at Anderson’s. Yeah, I was the girl who asked Sarah Dessen if her hand hurt. ::facepalm::)

YA Authors
The YA authors after the Coffee Klatch. There were a thousand photos going off at the same time, which explains why not a single YA author is facing the same direction.

After that, I hit the exhibits. Where I met Judy Blume. And had her autograph “Deenie.”

I’m still reeling from it. Here we are, both a little bit misty, after I told her that her books changed my life.

Judy Blume, and me!

Judy Blume, and me!

Then, it was off to the program Making Stuff: Teen Craft Programs. After a slight snafu with handouts, I needed to go home because I had developed a raging migraine.

But before that, I managed to snag some of my most desirable ARCs: Fire by Kristin Cashore, and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

All in all, another excellent day at ALA. One last day, one last update to go and then we’ll start some contests.


1. Lisa Schroeder - July 17, 2009

OMG, I am in tears!! I’m so glad I have google alerts on, because that is just about the sweetest thing! It’s probably good you didn’t tell me when I was there because I probably would have started crying!

Would you be willing to send me your library address, so I can send something for C, and you can pass it on to her??

I would love to do that. I’ll even throw in some bookmarks for you to set out for all your teens.

Thanks again – you truly made my day.

2. April - August 9, 2009

OMG JUDY BLUME!!! Ahhhhhh I am so jealous you got to meet a living legend. 😀

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