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review: “tmi” July 10, 2009

Posted by Katie in reviews.


TMI by Sarah Quigley.
Dutton // Hardcover // 288 pages.
Reviewed from library copy.

Becca can’t help it — she’s an overshare queen. If she knows a secret, you should know it won’t be a secret for too long. But when Becca’s overshares cause her boyfriend to break up with her, Becca turns online to write a blog entitled “TMI: Too Much Information” (her least favorite phrase!) to let her overshares loose without anyone the wiser. And it works until Becca updates the blog at school and the address is shared with her classmates. All of Becca’s secrets are out again…and some secrets that weren’t Becca’s to tell.

I did not relate to Becca like I thought I would. I’ve always been a talker, but the kind of secrets Becca lets loose are unbelievable and potentially damaging depending on where you live. I spent a lot of the book really upset at her because of what she did. It didn’t change my view of the book, but it prevent me from feeling sympathy for her when things didn’t go her way.

The musical aspect (“Grease” plays a large role in the book) made the musical theatre geek in me jump around for joy. I was also thrilled by the 1980s references, but I’m not sure that would appeal to my teens (who, I think, are the only teens in the world who don’t listen to classic rock and watch retro shows). It definitely appealed to me though, and I held my own Molly Ringwald marathon after I closed the book.

Becca’s blog entries/fantasies were over the top, for me, I skimmed most of the passages. But I loved Becca’s family and her friends and I did enjoy the ending of this book. Quigley writes realistically and I saw a lot of this happening in my high school. A good, light read full of fun.

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1. Steph Bowe - July 12, 2009

I love 80s references!
Really love the cover of this one, but I’m not usually a fan of books that incorporate blogs… not sure why…

2. Em - July 12, 2009

It sounds interesting and I definitely love the cover.

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