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review: “13 little blue envelopes” June 30, 2009

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13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson.
Harper Teen // Paperback // 352 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

After her Aunt Peg passes away, Ginny receives a letter with simple instructions: “Go to New York City. Go to the airport right from there.” In New York City, Ginny also receives a package with 13 little blue envelopes in it — these are her guides as she travels to Europe. Along the way, Ginny is instructed to open each of envelopes only after she completes a task. Ginny’s adventures take her far and wide, introducing her to tons of colorful characters and situations as she tries to make sense of Aunt Peg’s last gift.

So, this novel is about 50% adventure and 50% romance. I’ve had it sitting on my to-be read shelf for about two years or so. Some books are like that for me, they take a while before I’m in the right state of mind to read them. I’m so glad I waited for “13 Little Blue Envelopes,” because this was the right time to read it.

I adored Ginny. I adored Keith. I even adored Aunt Peg. (But of course, I was still frustrated not knowing what was in those envelopes and frustrated at having to wait for Ginny to open them!)

But it was the ending that made me mad. And I’m going to spoil here because this book has been out so long. Turn back now if you haven’t read it! (Well, just skip the next paragraph — then come back for news!)

I was really upset that Ginny lost and didn’t get to read the thirteenth envelope. And I know she didn’t need to, I know she solved the puzzle and found her aunt’s paintings on her own. BUT. I wanted to know what was in that envelope. For me! I have my fingers crossed that Maureen Johnson will find a way to reveal the thirteenth envelope because…

She updated her Twitter to announce that a sequel to “13 Little Blue Envelopes” is officially on! (Okay, I’ll admit it. I squee-ed like a little girl.)

All in all, a solid read and a great book to sell over the summer!

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