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review: “cathy’s key” June 16, 2009

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Cathy’s Key by Sean Stewart.
Running Press Kids // Hardcover // 240 pages.
Reviewed from library copy.

Cathy’s back in the second installment in this bestselling series! Even with the amount of secrets that Cathy uncovered in the first book, she’s still got a lot to learn about the world of immortals and her boyfriend, Victor. In order to find out more about the immortals, Cathy sets out for St. Louis only to bring back more trouble than she thought — Jewel, a thief from the bus follows Cathy all the way back to San Francisco.

The mystery only becomes more entangled during this book. I really enjoyed the integration of the clues in “Cathy’s Book”, but I was saddened that the library copy of “Cathy’s Key” I was reading had the evidence removed or stolen. I wasn’t lost during the story, luckily, but it frustrated me nonetheless that I couldn’t look at the evidence.

I didn’t have any problems slipping into the second book and that’s one of the things I like most about series — the characters you care about are already back for a second round. The series has definitely found its niche and the supernatural/mystery/romance is more solid this go around.

The worst part of the whole book, in my opinion, was Jewel. I didn’t like her one bit and I thought that the addition of her character didn’t add to the plot except for causing more complications in Cathy’s life. Furthermore, I didn’t like the seemingly unconnected subplot of identity theft. Jewel didn’t gain anything by stealing Cathy’s identity other than messing with Victor. Cathy really didn’t lose anything. It felt like a waste of time.

I wished that we had spent more time on learning the back stories of the immortals. That’s what I’m really interested in learning more about. My favorite part about this book though, was definitely the stories about Cathy’s jobs. As someone who has held more than a few difficult jobs (college dish washer, DMV clerk), Cathy’s job failures had me in stitches remembering my own bad experiences. The job scenes were written with such humor that I think anyone could appreciate them.

Had to run out and get the third (and final) book, “Cathy’s Ring” immediately after I finished this one. I thought it definitely was on par (and perhaps better) than “Cathy’s Book.”

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