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review: “cathy’s book” June 15, 2009

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Cathy’s Book by Sean Stewart.
Running Press Kids // Paperback // 176 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Cathy Vickers woke up with a weird bite mark on her arm and that’s just the least of her problems when her older boyfriend, Victor, dumps her without a reason at the beginning of this novel. Cathy and her best friend, Emma, set out to find exactly why Victor has suddenly disappeared. But there’s much more to Victor than meets the eye…as Cathy and Emma soon find out.

My teens have been buzzing about this series for a good long time now and it’s very easy to see how these books are appealing to them. Great friendships, an almost manga-like style of doodlings, and of course, the supernatural. A lot of people thought the supernatural was a twist and I definitely agree — if I hadn’t read some reviews of the book prior to reading it, I would have felt snowballed about the sudden appearance of Victor’s past. Most of the teen readers at my library, however, didn’t seem to mind the snowball. I think that’s part of the book’s appeal for them.

The mystery was engaging, and I wish the interactive sites were still up so I could poke around them. (Does anyone know why the sites went down? I’ve tried loading them on three different days, but no such luck.) The stand-out part of this book for me was the relationship between Cathy and Emma though. I thought the portrayal of their friendship was realistic and an ever better relationship than Cathy and Victor.

The set-up for Victor definitely had me thinking vampire and I was uber-impressed that it was a different kind of immortal. I wish they had taken more time to explain the immortals. I would have dug that.

I’d actually give this book to more manga fans than “Twilight” fans. Ties with the gaming communities and the incredible artwork throughout the book will be a sell with them, especially if they’re looking to branch out into fiction.

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Sean Stewart




1. medina - May 8, 2010

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