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review: “carpe corpus” June 14, 2009

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Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine.
Signet // Paperback // 256 pages.
Reviewed from purchased copy.

Claire, Shane, Eve, and Michael all return in the sixth installment in Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series. Amelie is gone, Bishop is the new leader in town, Shane is in vampire jail, Michael is following Bishop, and Eve refuses to talk to her — Claire has more than enough on her plate! But when people begin to reveal what side they are truly on, Claire finds allies and enemies, both new and old. With a town like Morganville, you never know what’s coming next…

As the sixth book in the series, you come to expect a certain level of consistency and quality — “Carpe Corpus” does not disappoint. Claire has grown into a steady heroine, able to make her own decisions and to live with the consequences. The other members of the Glass House continue to surprise me and to work as characters. The vampires are still mystifying and intriguing — not to mention new characters like Ada, the vampire computer! I thought that was pretty innovative and I definitely did not see it coming.

Caine’s writing is easy to read and her books are hard to put down. The series was originally planned as a six book set and the end of this novel provides a lot of closure. The plot wraps up nicely without a perfect bow on it — there are still some loose ends that may resurface in the next books (the series has been renewed to nine books!). This is the first book without a cliffhanger ending and for once, I’m thankful for it. Now it will be much easier to wait for the seventh book, “Fade Out” due in November.

One of my very favorite vampire series — it’s clever, well-written, and doesn’t rely on the typical vampire cliches to get readers hooked. Of course, this book is an easy sell to fans of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series, but the story here is meatier. At the end of the final battle, there is loss and real danger. Claire and company may walk away from the battle, but they definitely are changed because of the outcome. A fantastic read, worthy of the recognition the series is finally getting.

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